Website monitoring now with preferred test location

We have successfully completed deployment of AppBeat 1.1

Our paid users should now have option to select preferred test location (Account / Check settings), where free users have only "Random location" option. Similar functionality is also provided by Pingdom and StatusCake.

Everyone can also fine-tune "Number of confirmation checks" option which defines behaviour when your check does not return positive result. By default we try to confirm failure by two additional confirmation checks from different geographic locations and networks. This minimizes number of false positive alerts.

If you monitor non-critical system, you can delay alerts by up to five minutes. If system is failing for entire delay period then alert will be issued at the end of that period (for example after five minutes since failure started).

In Account / Personalization you can now also set date and time format which are used on web user interface and in notifications (SMS, email).

We are now actively working on AppBeat 1.2 which will allow you functional website testing (also known as synthetic or transaction monitoring). For example, you will be able to test search process on your website, user login, adding items to shopping cart, etc.

If you have any comment you can always send us your feedback.

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