AppBeat is SaaS solution for uptime, service health and performance monitoring
Your competitors are probably already monitoring their services to ensure highest quality and best user experience. Be proactive and make sure you don't stay behind!
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Website monitoring badges

If you would like to put link to your AppBeat public status page for your visitors to see website availability, you can use these badge images:
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy 

What is AppBeat? AppBeat is perfect tool for website owners for whom high availability of their websites is crucial for their business. You can quickly create page monitor with just two clicks or you can create advanced website check, where you have more control:

  • define your own monitor timeout,
  • custom rules,
  • monitor frequency,
  • basic authentication,
  • and much more!

We log every check with information such us response time, monitor status, error message, which can be useful for detailed analysis. Want to be notified before your SSL certificate expires? No problem, you can also check ssl certificate and other type of online services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, TCP ports, UDP ports, ping, SNMP, ...). If you have proprietary solution which needs to be monitored we can develop your own monitoring agent (please contact us). Want to define more complex rules to determine if your website is down? You can use Expression Builder to create customized rules which can also include regular expressions.

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