Want to migrate from Pingdom or UptimeRobot? Now is the time!

We are introducing world's lowest prices for website monitoring. We are giving you 50% discount for any paid plan!
We checked this market thoroughly and our prices are now guaranteed to be lowest! If you find any other monitoring provider with lower price, please let us know!

Our most affordable paid plan is now only 5.04 EUR per year and includes 5 monitors with 1 minute frequency. That is just 0.42 EUR per month to get notifications about your server outages. Would you risk losing your customers for just few coffees per year?

Best of all, you can still configure your plan as you wish. Want to include SMS notifications? No problem, you can configure that. Don't need 12 months log retention? You can change this too and get lower price for this.

You can check our prices on https://appbeat.io/pricing. If you have any questions please let us know.

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