Upgraded website monitor: now supporting multi-user login

Today we published new web application with one of the most requested feature for our advanced users - multi-user login!

This functionality is very suitable for larger companies and DevOps teams, where it is prefered for each member to have its own AppBeat sub account (and not sharing primary account with all your users anymore).

Currently it is possible to add up to 25 power users for your subscription. These users have very similar permissions to primary account administrator with following restrictions:

  • they can not deactivate primary account
  • they can not change account personalization
  • they don't see account log

Based on your subscription plan you can have:

  • Standard plan - 3 Power Users
  • Advanced plan - 10 Power Users
  • Enterprise plan - 25 Power Users

If you need more than that, please contact us and we will arrange you more users. In future versions we plan to add more roles with less permissions (for example only to view data without any changes).

Hopefully you will like this new feature! And as always - happy monitoring!

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