Should we support more rich rule expressions?

We are seriously considering to upgrade our rule engine with option to specify multiple Warning or Error rules by using "named expressions".

In current version you can write quite complex expressions, but they trigger generic Warning / Error message. Our idea is to allow users to specify multiple named Warning / Error expressions which would give you more information / context.

For example, in Warning rule you could have something like this (expression with two rules):

--This expression checks HTML response for expected title.
--If test fails you would get "Website title not correct!"
--in your notification.
Expression("Website title not correct!") {
   NOT(MATCH(%RESPONSE%, "<title>My monitored website!!!</title>"))

--Our second expression checks how fast
--server response was.
--If test fails you would get "Page is too slow"
--in your notification.
Expression("Page is too slow") {
   %RESPONSE_TIME% > 5000

What do you think about this feature? Please let us know.

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