Service downtime timeline

Yesterday we published new AppBeat version with improved downtime report. We also added service timeline where you can visually track details about downtimes:

List of all changes for version 1.4.1:

  • improved "Downtime overview" report (added more filters and options, added uptime/downtime timeline, more accurate service downtime calculation - if multiple checks on same service fail at same time, we now automatically exclude overlapping intervals)
  • update "Service groups" tab moved to "Services & Checks"
  • removed removed "Uptime" component from "Statistics & Logs" (replaced by more powerful "Downtime overview" report)
    bug fix context menu could not be entirely visible if item was clicked in bottom or right part of browser window
  • bug fix some dialogs did not display vertical scrollbar if there were too many items
  • update other minor improvements

In next version we plan to release final version of downtime report and then we will continue with new "Log and Performance" report, which will be much more improved version of current log report.

Stay tuned!

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