New notification rules for website monitor

We slightly updated our notification rules for new website checks. Reason for this update is only "cosmetic" - new rules will generate better descriptions for outgoing notifications and log files.

New rule for status "Error"

[trigger_rule: 5xx server error rule]
%STATUS% >= 500

[trigger_rule: 4xx client error rule]
%STATUS% >= 400

New rule for status "Warning"

[trigger_rule: warning by 3xx redirection rule]
%STATUS% >= 300 AND %STATUS% < 400

New rule for status "Good"

%STATUS% >= 200 AND %STATUS% < 300

Previously we included 3xx redirections in status "Good", but now we moved them to "Warning" rule. Error rule is now also more detailed.
Of course you can update default rules to suit your own needs and combine them with other variables (%RESPONSE_TIME%, %RESPONSE%, %RESPONSE_HEADER%).

Please note: rules are always evaluated from top to down in following order: Error --> Warning --> Good. When first condition is met, rule evaluation is stopped and status is returned.

Rules for existing web checks were not changed. Users can optionally updated them if they choose so. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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