How to create status page for your app or website using your domain

AppBeat website monitoring allowed you to easily create public status page for a long time. This page is hosted on our domain by using URL in following format:

However some users wanted more:

  • hosting public status page on their own domain
  • use their own CSS styling

We are happy to announce that newest AppBeat allows you all that!

Method 1: creating public status page on your domain by using simple static HTML template and JavaScript

If you navigate to "AppBeat / Public status / Dashboard" you will be able to enable your status page from there and publish on your web server static HTML file, similar to this:

      <title>Your title</title>
      <!--Please copy css style to your web server because we could rename it in future-->
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
      <!--AppBeat status page is rendered into element with id appbeat-status-container-->
      <div id="appbeat-status-container" class="status-layout"></div>

      <!--Load AppBeat status page script for your page and start rendering it-->
      <script src=""></script>
      <!--Tip: your script is also duplicated on which is hosted in different region-->

Every time your visitor navigates to this page it will show him/her latest status of your page.

Method 2: creating public status page on your domain by getting embeddable HTML fragment on your server side

If you don't want to use JavaScript based solution for your status page, you can call following endpoints on your web server to get HTML fragment which can be embedded in your HTTP response:

Both methods can be styled with your own CSS or you can use our default style located at:

Good thing about this solution is also, that you don't have to change DNS settings to get it to work. Simply publish static HTML file on your web server or embed our HTML fragment if you use dynamic pages. And that is it!

If you would like to try this feature, you can register for new free account and please contact us so we can enable your 14-day risk free trial.

Please note, that for limited time we offer you 60% discount on Starter plan.

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