How to create public status page for your domain or service?

Want to share your latest monitoring status with your users? Want to notify your visitors about scheduled maintenace /downtime? You can do this very easily with AppBeat:

  • login to your AppBeat account (or create one for free)
  • click on "Public status" and then "Enable public status page"
  • configure if you want your status to be automatically updated by AppBeat (and for which monitored services)
  • your public status can then be hosted on:
    • your web server / your domain by copy/pasting our high-availability JavaScript snippet on your page
    • our web servers / our domain (
    • for Advanced plans and higher: we can host your public status on our AWS infrastructure (yearly plans can also have free certificate for secure HTTPS version of public status page) - please contact us so we can send you instructions for DNS entry on your domain


Have questions? Please let us know.

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