AppBeat Wish List - how would you improve our monitoring solution?

What would you like to see in future versions of our monitoring app?

We have created draft of initial ideas. We would like to encourage you to vote for your favorite feature or publish your own request.

Currently we have following ideas:

  • AppBeat monitoring API
    • For example, custom clients can be made.
  • Realtime user monitoring reports
    • Put AppBeat JavaScript snippet on your page and monitor real time user performance.
  • Mobile apps
    • Create mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone for easy management.
  • Exporting reports
    • Excel, CSV, ...
  • Smart agents
    • Monitor CPU and disk usage, ...
  • Improved public status pages
    • For example public status widget integrated directly to website.
  • Support for web hooks
    • When check changes status call user defined URL and pass task details (task name, status, time)
  • More notification channels
    • Currently there is support for email and SMS. Add support for push notifications, publishing twitter status, ...
  • Vulnerability report
    • Create periodic vulnerability report for websites.
  • Periodic full page speed testing
    • Download entire page with all resources (images, scripts, ...). Monitor download time and performance grade.
  • Audio alarm on failure
    • If error occurs in "Live status" view play alarm in web browser.
  • Scheduled and triggered tasks
    • Extend AppBeat monitoring platform with possibility to run scheduled / triggered web tasks (similar to Zapier or IFTTT)

These are initial ideas that we received from some of our users. You are welcome to vote and submit your own ideas on

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