AppBeat 1.0 is released

We would like to officially announce that first final version of AppBeat is ready to use!

We would like to thank to all participants of our BETA version. You helped us a lot with your valuable feedback!

As we promised during BETA version, we will always try to offer one of our plans for free (forever, no credit cards required). Currently we are offering five free monitors with five minute check frequency. If you would like more monitors, higher check frequency or more SMS notifications, please take a look at our flexible pricing plans.

Most of our competitors offer few predefined paid plans for you. Our pricing decision was not to limit our users, so we are offering configurable plans with thousands of different combinations. Choose whatever suits you best!

Also, our prices are very very competitive, but in case you find better offer elsewhere, please contact us and we will give you even better offer!

To our early adopters we are offering:

  • BETA users: if you decide to purchase one of our annual plans, we will give you three months for free (12 paid months + 3 free months)
  • first 50 buyers of our annual plans: we will give you three months for free (12 paid months + 3 free months)

We plan to actively develop and improve our AppBeat platform, but we need your help. Please tell us what would you like to see in next versions. Would you like real-time user monitoring of your websites for better insight? Would you like advanced monitoring agents, that could be installed on your server and offer you rich real-time telemetry (disk usage, CPU usage, virtual machine insights, ...)? Would you like to see something else? Please contact us and give us your feedback. Top requested features will most likely be implemented in future versions of AppBeat.

Happy monitoring :)

(and of course we wish you minimum number of outages)

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