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We are continuing with our rapid development and last week new version was published (1.4.2).

In this version we introduced new powerful report - Logs & Performance, and published final version of downtime report. Here are some screenshots of new features.

Performance statistics & hourly averaged response time chart for your periodic check:

Filtering monitoring logs:

As you may noticed, we now also allow you to filter logs and calculate downtime reports by "service group". Service groups are optional groups useful especially for larger organizations. It allows you to group any combination of your services into its own group. Those groups can then be used to assign email/SMS contacts for error notifications (contacts can be members of service groups), or they can be used for filtering data in reports.

List of all changes in version 1.4.2:

  • improved "Downtime overview" report (added downtime tooltips to timeline, added aggregated check report in service details). It is now out of beta.
  • new added "Reports / Logs & Performance" module for more powerful log analysis (you can drill down your data to lowest check level)
  • removed removed "Reports / Statistics & Logs" (replaced by new, more powerful reports)
  • update simplified "Live status" tiles & optimizations
  • update other minor improvements

We are already working on some new useful features for next version! Stay tuned...

Service downtime timeline

Yesterday we published new AppBeat version with improved downtime report. We also added service timeline where you can visually track details about downtimes:

List of all changes for version 1.4.1:

  • improved "Downtime overview" report (added more filters and options, added uptime/downtime timeline, more accurate service downtime calculation - if multiple checks on same service fail at same time, we now automatically exclude overlapping intervals)
  • update "Service groups" tab moved to "Services & Checks"
  • removed removed "Uptime" component from "Statistics & Logs" (replaced by more powerful "Downtime overview" report)
    bug fix context menu could not be entirely visible if item was clicked in bottom or right part of browser window
  • bug fix some dialogs did not display vertical scrollbar if there were too many items
  • update other minor improvements

In next version we plan to release final version of downtime report and then we will continue with new "Log and Performance" report, which will be much more improved version of current log report.

Stay tuned!

We simply love LINQ!

It is true! It is so powerful and useful feature that we use it as much as possible.

Here is recent code snippet which uses "Linq magic", resulting in much smaller and more readable code:

Thank you LINQ team!

Advanced website monitoring added in latest release

Yesterday we rolled out new version of AppBeat which brings fully customizable website monitoring (as promised in previous post):

List of all changes:

  • more friendly wizard for creating new checks
  • update web monitor is now fully customizable (you can post data, change protocol version, IP version, send custom headers, ...)
  • update DNS monitor can now accept IPv4 or IPv6 address of DNS server used for querying
  • removed "Automated Web Testing" early preview is now removed from UI because we received enough initial feedback. Thanks to all who participated in this preview!
  • update other minor improvements

If you find any issues or have questions, please let us know!

Happy monitoring!

Fully customizable web monitor

We are currently actively testing advanced web monitor which will allow you to:

  • select HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, TRACE)
  • select HTTP protocol version (1.0, 1.1 or newest HTTP 2)
  • select IP version which should be used when sending request to server (IPv4 or IPv6)
  • specify custom headers (you will be able to set custom user agent, ...)
  • define custom payload (for example for JSON POST, ...)

Stay tuned!

Website speed test API and cross-platform CLI

We have published first version of our website speed test API, and to make it easier to use we also published simple command line interface tool which uses it.

Source code for AppBeat CLI tool is written in C# on top of cross-platform .NET Core platform and is available on GitHub. Installation instructions are available on our Website Speed Test page.

For example, if you would like to test page speed from Asia you would simply run following AppBeat CLI command:

dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll page-speed Asia

If you are adventurous enough to use our API directly, here is how to do this :)

First, you have to obtain AppBeat API Access Key which you can get for free, but you have to have AppBeat account (Sign Up here).
Then you would have to POST json message (content type should be set to application/json) to or

Posted json message should have following fields:

   "Location": "TEST_LOCATION"

Where TEST_LOCATION should be Europe or NorthAmerica or Asia.

In return you should get json response with unique test id. Then periodically call AppBeat API server (with few seconds in-between) and ask it if results are available. You do this by sending HTTP GET request to or

Test is completed when Status property in json response is not Submitted or Pending anymore (it can take up to minute or two to start your test from our submitted test que).

You can also check our C# source code of our AppBeat CLI tool which implements this logic. Relevant code is located at:

As always, your feedback, questions and feature requests are welcome! You can contact us here.

Affordable monitoring alternative to Pingdom

Do you want reliable website monitoring but don't want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year? You have come to right place!

We have carefully analysed existing monitoring solutions and built AppBeat from scratch with three main goals in mind: reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

We offer you multi-location monitoring, plenty of built-in check types, third party integrations with Slack and PagerDuty (available also in Free plan), industry-standard encryption of your check settings and other sensitive data, powerful rule customization, noise reduction to prevent false alarms, free public status page and much more!

Our core monitoring service was designed with high-availability and robustness in mind: we have multiple identical servers in failover cluster configuration on different continents, one of them is always active and others are in passive mode. On top of that we have global network of AppBeat Agents distributed all around the world as microservices which are orchestrated by our monitoring failover cluster. With this architecture we can offer you very robust and reliable monitoring of your websites and online services.

Our free plan offers you five minute monitors with random monitoring location and most of other goodies that we offer in our paid plans. It is free forever and you don't need credit card to sign up. Our paid plans are very affordable, especially compared to competitive solutions. For only 1.99 EUR per month (around 2.20 USD in July 2016) you get ten one-minute monitors! Please check our pricing page for list of all plans.

Do you have too many monitors in competitive solution and you don't want to manually enter them in AppBeat? No problem, we can arrange migration of your existing monitors to AppBeat, just contact us first!

Have questions? We are always available to you - contact us now.