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Website monitoring badges

If you would like to put link to your AppBeat public status page for your visitors to see website availability, you can use these badge images:
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy
Website Monitoring Made Easy 

What is AppBeat? AppBeat is perfect tool for website owners for whom high availability of their websites is crucial for their business. You can quickly create page monitor with just two clicks or you can create advanced website check, where you have more control:

  • define your own monitor timeout,
  • custom rules,
  • monitor frequency,
  • basic authentication,
  • and much more!

We log every check with information such us response time, monitor status, error message, which can be useful for detailed analysis. Want to be notified before your SSL certificate expires? No problem, you can also check ssl certificate and other type of online services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, TCP ports, UDP ports, ping, SNMP, ...). If you have proprietary solution which needs to be monitored we can develop your own monitoring agent (please contact us). Want to define more complex rules to determine if your website is down? You can use Expression Builder to create customized rules which can also include regular expressions.

Have questions? We are here to help!

Want to migrate from Pingdom or UptimeRobot? Now is the time!

We are introducing world's lowest prices for website monitoring. We are giving you 50% discount for any paid plan!
We checked this market thoroughly and our prices are now guaranteed to be lowest! If you find any other monitoring provider with lower price, please let us know!

Our most affordable paid plan is now only 5.04 EUR per year and includes 5 monitors with 1 minute frequency. That is just 0.42 EUR per month to get notifications about your server outages. Would you risk losing your customers for just few coffees per year?

Best of all, you can still configure your plan as you wish. Want to include SMS notifications? No problem, you can configure that. Don't need 12 months log retention? You can change this too and get lower price for this.

You can check our prices on If you have any questions please let us know.

Running .NET Core web application on Linux

As proof of concept we tried to run AppBeat frontend (web application on on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.

First we had to switch to portable NuGet client library for WCF. This is necessary for communication with our backend. We then used auto generated proxies from Visual Studio "Add Service Reference" utility and only changed few lines of code (to explicitly cast objects to IDisposable at the end).

With this change web project was successfully compiled under dnxcore50 profile! Now everything was ready for Linux test!

We created fresh 64-bit installation of Ubuntu 14.04 and followed instructions on and later

Everything went smoothly! At the end we configured firewall and installed nginx server. nginx is used to proxy requests to Kestrel server. Our application worked, but... It was really really slow :) We found out that there is an issue with current ASP.Net Core RC1 (Kestrel) and nginx combination and that it will be fixed with RC2 release (there were some workarounds published but it didn't help in our case). We will repeat test when RC2 is released.

Overall we are highly impressed with how things are evolving with .NET Core. Hat off to all participating in this project!

I just quietly hope that Microsoft will decide to implement native compilation of web apps on .NET Core. That would be really really fantastic!

Work in progress: installable smart agents for richer telemetry

We are planning to extend our platform with smart agents that can be installed on workstations or servers. We will provide for example CPU, memory, disk space monitoring, ..., with possibility to extend agent with custom logic to monitor virtually anything.

We plan to develop cross platform shared codebase with platform specific extensions. For example, here is example of simple implementation for Windows operating system, which uses Performance Counter to get CPU usage:

namespace AppBeat.Telemetry.Windows
    class CPU : AppBeat.Telemetry.Core.BaseResource, ITelemetryProvider
        public ResourceValue GetValue()
            return GetResourceValuePercentage(

Strong emphasis is of course on security. Some security aspects:

  • Firewall friendly: no inbound connections will be made, instead all telemetry will be pushed from smart agent to AppBeat server (only outbound connections will be made)
  • All communication with AppBeat server is over secure SSL connection
  • Additional to that, all messages will also be encrypted by application (smart agent) by using your unique private key. This additionally protects you from man-in-the-middle attack.

This is still work in progress but we want to give you a glimpse of what we are doing :)

We listen to our users!

Yesterday was our first day of AppBeat 1.0 and we received quite positive feedback from people. Thank you all!

Few users wanted quicker way to add website monitors and we listened to you. Today we published updated version which adds new "Quick website monitor" button on top of screen:

Thanks to great development tools and frameworks from Microsoft, we can rapidly develop and publish new features in matter of hours!

AppBeat 1.0 is released

We would like to officially announce that first final version of AppBeat is ready to use!

We would like to thank to all participants of our BETA version. You helped us a lot with your valuable feedback!

As we promised during BETA version, we will always try to offer one of our plans for free (forever, no credit cards required). Currently we are offering five free monitors with five minute check frequency. If you would like more monitors, higher check frequency or more SMS notifications, please take a look at our flexible pricing plans.

Most of our competitors offer few predefined paid plans for you. Our pricing decision was not to limit our users, so we are offering configurable plans with thousands of different combinations. Choose whatever suits you best!

Also, our prices are very very competitive, but in case you find better offer elsewhere, please contact us and we will give you even better offer!

To our early adopters we are offering:

  • BETA users: if you decide to purchase one of our annual plans, we will give you three months for free (12 paid months + 3 free months)
  • first 50 buyers of our annual plans: we will give you three months for free (12 paid months + 3 free months)

We plan to actively develop and improve our AppBeat platform, but we need your help. Please tell us what would you like to see in next versions. Would you like real-time user monitoring of your websites for better insight? Would you like advanced monitoring agents, that could be installed on your server and offer you rich real-time telemetry (disk usage, CPU usage, virtual machine insights, ...)? Would you like to see something else? Please contact us and give us your feedback. Top requested features will most likely be implemented in future versions of AppBeat.

Happy monitoring :)

(and of course we wish you minimum number of outages)

Ensuring high availability of our core monitoring service

With our latest deployment of our core AppBeat monitoring service on two geographically separate locations, and by removing our last single point of failure (central database, which is now locally mirrored), we have achieved very robust high availability monitoring system.

With this setup we are hoping for at least 99.9999% availability of our core monitoring service (web management application is separate and less critical system, it is not part of core monitoring service).

We are happy to announce that this high availability setup is now available by default for all users (even those with free plan).

Join now.

AppBeat and high availability of monitoring service

We are currently in process of deploying second instance of our AppBeat core scheduler to server on different geographic location and network.

Second instance of our scheduler will be automatically activated if primary server does not respond (due to network or hardware issues). This will allow us to provide very high availability of our monitoring service for our users and customers.

AppBeat was architected from beginning with high availability in mind which is very suitable for enterprise usage.

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Schedule new probe

If you have less frequent monitoring and you want to check if your website or service still has errors (and you can't wait until next scheduled run), you can click on "schedule new probe" link as shown below:

This will add your monitoring request to scheduler que, and it will be automatically retested as soon as possible (usually this is in less than 10 seconds, but please note that page auto refreshes every 60 seconds - you may also manually refresh page for quicker result).

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